Minor grievances I felt like sharing. Mainly out of boredom.

People say and do annoying shit all the time so I wrote a list of some of the annoying ones so you don’t have to. Please can we stop doing them? Cheers.

Saying ‘You Look Tired.’

Let’s be honest, most of the time, if you look tired, it’s because you are tired. Bodies are predictable like that. So therefore you likely KNOW you look tired, because you FEEL tired.  So this kind of basic statement becomes the equivalent of saying something like ‘you have brown eyes’ or ‘you are wearing a black jumper today’. It’s also essentially saying you look like shit. Except you wouldn’t probably say that, unless this person was your enemy because it just isn’t very nice. If you are genuinely concerned because someone looks tired and you know they’re under stress, maybe just say ‘are you ok?’ or ‘how are you’ OR ‘you don’t seem like yourself today’ and then just sit back and listen to the answer like a nice human.

Saying “rather you than me”

This is basically saying “wow you’re in a shit situation. I’M NOT!”. I mean, that is literally what it means.

Taking pictures of strangers because you don’t like their clothes, hair, outfit, and putting them on the internet for everyone to snigger at.

Is it just me, or is this just, well, unpleasant? It’s ‘I’m SO much better, I would NEVER wear this HORRIFYING outfit because MY taste is IMPECCABLE bbz” without you knowing a single gosh damn thaaaang about their life because they are A STRANGER to you. Maybe they can’t afford new clothes and they fucking hate them too but ultimately as long as they’re not swinging their melons around it will have to bloody do thanks. Maybe they hate clothes. Maybe they have rock bottom self esteem and they don’t fucking care what they look like. MAYBE THEY THINK THEY LOOK BLOODY FANTASTIC. But there you are, ensuring they feel like shit, publicly shaming them.

  1. There is a SLIGHT exception when it comes to famouses, because whilst still humans, they likely have stylists and an army of minions making them look fit and I suppose one of them along the way should have whispered “NO, THAT THING MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A LAMPSHADE.”  On the other hand though, why are we all SO OBSESSED with how people look?

“You’re like tequila”

Ok I admit this is niche. But you MAY have had a similar ish experience. If not then please just allow me this catharsis and let’s move on.

I have had a sum total of two (2) men tell me in my life that I am an acquired taste. The first one said thus ‘oh, you’re an acquired taste. like Tequila.’ I ABSOLUTELY DESPISE TEQUILA. Everyone is an acquired taste. Granted some people are less acquired than others, but we can’t ALL be Miranda Kerr, or Blake Lively. You don’t have to rub it in by associating people to alcohol that makes people projectile vomit.

It’s all meaningless unless you have someone to share it with.

I (me, alone (lol)) will be the judge of that. Some things DO feel ace when you achieve them and you can celebrate them with people you really like. And some things feel fucking satisfying just knowing YOU did it. I can’t really share the fact that physio has reduced the daily chronic pain I feel by about half, because it is so personal. BUT I’M GOSH DARN HAPPY. I did it for myself. And it means quite a bit, actually.


Taking credit for someone elses work / achievement / jokes 

Who with an OUNCE of cool does that? No one. If you do this, stop it. Just Stop. You can achieve things without stealing. Plus it feels nicer and fewer people think you’re an asshole.


Dont put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

Put it off, have a cup of tea and watch some Netflix. If we did everything today then we would all die of exhaustion or something. Stop trying to kill us. FFS.


Writing annoying blogs.


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